Basketball (B)

  • Buckhannon-Upshur is looking for pre-season scrimmages for the upcoming year. Contact Rick Reynolds at 304-641-5859. (8/12/21)
  • Calhoun County MS/HS is looking for games for the 2021-2022 season. Contact Jeremy Johnson at 304-543-0298. (10/25/21)
  • Doddridge County MS is looking for games and a scrimmage during the 21-22 season. Please contact Greg Bonnell at 304-377-6700 or Ryan Thomas at 304-871-6265. (10/13/21)
  • Hampshire HS is looking for a JV/V regular season home game for 12/29/21 or 12/30/21. Contact Daniel Alkire at 304-790-0020 or email [email protected] (10/27/21)
  • Huntington HS is looking for freshmen games for the 2021-22 season. Contact Ty Holmes at 304-521-8488. (9/16/21)
  • Hurricane HS is looking for 1 game to finish our 2021-2022 basketball schedule, would prefer a home game but at this point we will travel just to fill our schedule. Contact Lance Sutherland at 304-389-4514 or email me at [email protected] if interested. (8/31/21)
  • Magnolia HS is looking for a team to fill our Rotary Basketball Tournament on Saturday, January 29. Their opponent will be Williamstown High School. Please contact Mark Blair at 304-815-4592 or email [email protected] (8/30/21)
  • Man HS is looking for home games to complete our 2021-22 season. Contact TJ Blevins at 304-687-4677. (10/19/21)
  • Pocahontas County HS is looking for a pre-season scrimmage for 2021-22. Contact Kathy Mason at 540-905-2096 (text) or 304-799-6564 (work) or email [email protected] (10/21/21)
  • Tolsia HS is looking for a home game for this 2021-22 season. Contact Brian Stacy at 304-443-3046. (9/7/21)
  • Webster County is looking for one home game for the 21-22 season. Contact Michael Gray at 304-689-0980 or email [email protected] (8/26/21)


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