Officials – How to Become an Official

1.  First year officials are required to complete a training program in one of the following:

  • College Course (taught by a WVSSAC Registered Official)
  • Adult Education Program
  • In-Board Training Program
  • Combination of any of these Programs

2.  A training program can take place anytime during they year, but preference should be given to time immediately preceding and during the season.

3.  Instructors may obtain or purchase training materials from WVSSAC (i.e. rulebooks, films, etc.)


  •  New officials must join a local board in their geographical area. All new officials must attend a training class with their local board.

  •  New officials must submit a registration form, payment, and physical to the instructor of the training class.  DO NOT MAIL TO THE WVSSAC!

  •  Upon completion of the training class, the training instructor will submit New Officials Training Program Form 0-8, registration form, payment, and the physical form to the WVSSAC. These materials must be submitted within ten (10) days after the end of the training class.

  •  New officials must not be assigned or accept any assignments until registration can be verified by the WVSSAC.

  • The Executive Director may impose sanctions including but not limited to – probation – suspension – and fines for any new official that officiates an Interscholastic contest and is not currently registered for that sport.

  • First year officials will be given credit for one year’s experience at the end of the year in which they are enrolled in the training class provided that they successfully complete the registration process in the same year of the training class.


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