How Do I Login To The Officials’ Management Page?


  1. Go to
  2. Go to Admin Login (Located in the left-hand corner of the homepage)
  3. In the Username section, enter in your Registration Number.  (Example AB0000)
  4. In the Password Section, enter in your password.  Passwords are case sensitive.

Officials’ Packets

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Fall – 2022-23 Winter – 2021-22 Spring – 2021-22
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Soccer Officials Swimming Official Softball Officials
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Official’s Clinics / Camps

Basketball Officials Camp:

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Tools and Info

Secretary Board Webpages

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NOTE:  All Officials Registration Due June 15th

Officials Handbook 21-22

Sports Medicine Packet 22-23

Chuck Leach
The Official Call
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Officials Advisory Committee

  • Harold Erwin, Athletic Director
  • Mark Mason, Coach
  • Tom Bechtel, SFB
  • Richard Messenger, TRK
  • Jeremy Callen, WRS
  • Steve Gandee, MV-BKB
  • Larry McCloy, OW-FB
  • Dennis Brumfield, KS-SOC
  • Bob Weiford, KS-BB
  • Joe Blankenship, IN-TNS
  • Scott Wilson, NC-SWM
  • Debbie Hartman, Cheer
  • Tonya Kidder, MO-VLB
  • David Bowles-At Large
  • Steve Robinson-At Large
  • Dottie Smith-Principal
  • Kenny Demoss-Principal
  • Bernie Dolan-Chairman

Procedures for New Officials:

A New Official must complete a 30 hour training class (20 hour classroom and 10 hours practicum).  Upon completion of the class the training instructor will collect the Officials’ Physical Examination Form and complete the required information and the New Officials Training Program Form 08.

Once the appropriate forms have been received by the WVSSAC office,  an email will be sent to the new official with instructions on how to login to Arbiter to pay his/her registration fee online.  All new officials’ are subjected to a background check and the fee has been included in the registration fee.

Once the email is sent to the new official, they will have five (5) calendar days to complete the registration process online through Arbiter.  Once that process is completed the WVSSAC will finish the registration process and assign a registration number and upload to the WVSSAC website for that sport.

An email will then be sent to the new official notifying them of their registration number.

Until that process is completed local boards and assignors are not allowed to assign any contests to the new official for any of our member schools.