Media Credential Process

Media Credential Process

(State Tournaments Only)

We would like to remind media outlets of the media credential process for all State Tournaments. The purpose is to standardize the process at all State Tournaments. We hope that you will find the process to be efficient. Should have any questions, please contact Heather Enoch at

Obtaining media credentials for WVSSAC Championship events will be handled electronically.

Submitting this form does not guarantee your credential. You must receive approval and confirmation from the WVSSAC office for your request. A confirmation approval or denial e-mail will follow. If a response has not been received, it is the requester’s responsibility to follow up in advance. Requests must be reviewed before being approved.

Credential requests must be made in advance of the event. Walk-up requests will not be considered.

General Media Credentials – WVSSAC General Media Credentials are for media outlets who generally cover WVSSAC events. The General Media Credentials are good for access into WVSSAC State Tournament events. You must be a member of the WVSWA, work at a daily paper or hold a current WV business license for your site.

Single-Event Credentials – Media outlets who do not have WVSSAC General Media Credentials can apply for Single-Event State Final credentials by emailing Heather Enoch at Please include your name, media outlet, name of the individual(s) who will be attending the state final event and the capacity in which they will be working (reporter, photographer, both, other, etc.). The deadline for Single-Event Credentials is three days prior to the event. After applying, you will receive a confirmation email with logistical information for the event.

Metro News – Media with a valid Metro News badge will be admitted to all regular and post-season games.
Student/School Media – The WVSSAC issues two student/School media credentials for qualifying schools in all team championships. The school’s Athletic Director or Principal must submit the credential application based on the terms outlined in the Student Media Credential Information.