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    PART 2 (This must be within 30 days of the injury)

    Please check that each progression has been completed with appropriate date

    • No activity with complete physical and cognitive test

    • Light aerobic exercise (less than 70% of maximum heart rate)

    • Sport specific exercise (drills specific to athlete's sport)

    • Non-contact training drills (more intense sport drills with no contact from other players)

    • Full participation practice (following written medical clearance)

    • Return to play (normal game play)

    Days between concussion occurring and cleared to return to play

    Who cleared the athlete to return

    PhysicianPhysician Asst.Athletic Trainer (LAT, ATC)Licensed Physical TherapistNurse PractitionerChiropractor

    Keep the "Approval for Return to Play" document at the school.

    (if the athlete is not cleared to return in 30 days, the initial report must be submitted and then a follow up report must be submitted listing the return to play date.)

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