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  • Bridgeport MS is looking for an in school home game for either Sept. 8th or 9th. Team will be fed after the game. We will return the trip next season. Contact Rob Buffington at 304-641-6687. (7/25/22)
  • Brooke MS is looking for an opponent for a scrimmage game August 22nd -August 24th. Looking for both 7th and 8th grade games. Contact Todd Sperringer at 703-431-0331. (8/12/22)
  • Cumberland/Ridgeley MS – 7th and 8th grade middle school teams from Cumberland, MD and Ridgeley, WV need games for fall 2022. All dates are open. Please contact Todd Helmick at 301-697-0205 or email [email protected]. (7/14/22)
  • Duval MS is looking for a home game on 10/13. We lost a home game due to a couple teams in the conference not having a team. Contact Brant Gibson at 304-552-6750. (8/10/22)
  • George Wytheville HS, Wytheville,Va, is looking for a home game on either 10/7 or 10/21 in the 2022 season. We are a 1A school in VA and looking to fulfill a 10 game schedule. This will only be for this coming year. Please contact AD Doug Campbell 276-620-1424 or e-mail [email protected] (7/12/22)
  • Graham HS, in Bluefield, Virginia is looking for a week 6 or week 8 football game for the 2023 -2024 cycle. Preferably a home game in 2023. Contact Matt Dixon at 304-920-6614 or email [email protected] (7/12/22)
  • Greenbrier East HS is hosting a series of scrimmages called “Battle of the Border” where WV schools scrimmage VA schools. We had a WV team who can’t make it on Saturday, August 13th for the 11:00am slot against Covington, VA. We are looking for either a AA or A team to fill that spot. If interested call or text Coach Baker at 304-667-7050. Or email [email protected] (7/20/22)
  • Magnolia HS is looking for a scrimmage game for the week of August 15-20, 2022. Contact Dave Chapman at 304-771-2918. (7/12/22)
  • Morgantown MS is in need of a home JV game on Sept. 29th. We would be willing to return the trip next season. Please contact Coach Jacob Powers at 304-276-2563 or email [email protected] (8/1/22)
  • Mount View MS is looking for a home game for either 9/22 or 10/6. Contact Coach Jonathan Kuhn at 304-543-1670. (8/2/22)
  • Oak Hill MS is looking for a game for week 1 or week 5 regular season game. Contact Monty Wright at 304-646-1735. (6/16/22)
  • Pittsburgh Westinghouse a AA school in PA, is looking for an away game for week 5 (9/30 or 10/1). Contact James Cowart at 412-529-3940 or email [email protected] (7/12/22)
  • Pleasants County MS is in need of a game for 9/22/22 due to school not having a team. Contact Terry Nichols at 304-991-1416. (8/1/22)
  • Point Pleasant MS is in need of a home game on 10/20/22 due to cancellation. We would return the trip the following year. Contact Kent Price at 304-593-6449. (8/8/22)
  • Ripley MS is looking for 1 home and 2 away football games for week 1 (9/1), week 7 (10/13), and week 8 (10/20). Contact Shane Casto at 304-440-0021. (7/19/22)
  • River View HS is looking for a scrimmage game, preferably home, the week of August 15-20. Contact George Kennedy at 304-938-2956. (6/30/22)
  • Symmes Valley HS, a Division VII school in Southern Ohio, is looking for a home game on 9/16/22 due to a team canceling there season on us late. We would be willing to schedule a return trip the following season. Contact Eric Holland at 304-360-3727 or email [email protected] (8/5/22)
  • Tuscarawas Central Catholic, a very small Ohio D7 school, is looking for a home game (Ohio Week 4), Sept. 9th or 10th. Contact Casey Cummings at 330-340-2393 or email [email protected]. (7/12/22)
  • Wood County Middle School Athletic program, in Parkersburg WV is needing the following Games: 1) AWAY Game September 14 or September 15.  2) HOME Game on October 5.  This Game would be played at Parkersburg High School Stadium Field.  Please contact Bill Vincent, Wood County Middle School Athletic Director at (304) 615-7851 or email [email protected](7/26/22)

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