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  • Brooke HS is looking for 2 Varsity/ JV Football Scrimmages for 2021 and beyond. We are looking to host one and travel for the other. We are flexible as to which we host. Please contact Sean Blumette, Athletic Director, Brooke County Schools at [email protected] or 304 527- 4763 (1/6/21)
  • East Palestine (OH) is looking for a home football game for 2021 season in week 2 of Ohio Football season. We are willing to do an away game. Contact Dwayne Pavkovich at 330-426-9401. (9/14/20)
  • Fairmont Senior HS is looking for 3 games for the 2021-22 season. In 2021, the dates are 8/27/21, 9/3/21, 10/1/21, and 10/22/21. We would like a 2 year contact with option for renewal. Contact AD Joe Naternicola at 304-376-2166 or email [email protected] (10/20/20)
  • Fort Frye HS is currently looking for opponents in weeks 1 (8/20) and 7 (10/1) of the 2021 season. If interested and available for multiple year contracts, please contact AD Barbara Sleek at 740-984-2376 or email [email protected] or Head Coach Eric Huck [email protected].
  • Hurley HS located in Buchanan County, VA (20 minutes from the WV border) is looking for a home and away varsity football game for 2021-2022. We are 1A with roughly 220 total students in the school. Please contact Mark Cooper at 276-566-8334 or by email at [email protected] (10/2/20)
  • Hurricane HS needs home game for 2020 and away for 2021.  Contact Jeremy Taylor at 304-389-8252.
  • Independence MS is looking for an away game for the 2021 season and a home game for 2022. Contact Jeremy Hedinger at 304-320-6250. (12/22/20)
  • Lewis County HS is looking for 2 games for the 21-22 football season. In year 2021, the dates would be 8/27/21 (week 1) and 9/17/21 (week 4) or 9/24/21 (week 5). We would like a 2 year contract with option to renew. Contact Brian Fisher at 304-263-8315 with interest.
  • Linsly (AA) is looking for two games for the 2021 football season. Our open dates are Week 4 (9/17 or 9/18), Week 10 (10/29 or 10/30) and Week 11 (11/5 or 11/6). Can be home or away, two year contract preferred. Contact BJ Depew at 304-312-0033 or email [email protected] (1/23/21)
  • Marietta HS is looking for a home game for week 4 (9/10) for the 2021 season. We would consider a 1, 2, or potentially a 4 year deal. If interested contact AD Cody Venderlic at 740-374-6542 or email [email protected] or head coach Jason Schob at [email protected] (11/5/20)
  • Mingo Central HS is looking for two games for the 2021 football season. We are looking for a 2 or 4 year contract and we need a home game for this upcoming season. Please contact Josh Sammons at 304-688-2530 if you are interested. (11/17/20)
  • Princeton Sr. HS is looking to fill two home games. Looking for a 1 year or 2 year football contact for the following weeks: Week 4  9/17/21 (home), and week 5 9/24/21 (home). Contact Josh Wilburn at 540-818-5132. (12/11/20)
  • Racine Southern is a small D7 school in southeastern OH. We usually have 25-30 on roster. Looking for road game in 2021. Would like a 2 year contract. Contact Alan Crisp at 740-444-3309 (9/11/20)
  • Ripley HS is looking for a Varsity/JV Week 2 scrimmage for the 2021 season. Please contact Steven Lough at 304-532-8582 or email [email protected] (1/22/21)
  • River HS is looking for an A or a small AA school to play week 2 Aug 27-28, 2021. Contact Mike Flannery at 304-997-0822. (11/4/20)
  • Springfield Local HS in New Middletown, OH, is in need of a varsity football game on either 9/3/21 or 9/4/21. Home or Away, one or two year. Call or email Mark Carden 330-542-3626 or [email protected]
  • Symmes Valley HS is a small, rural district in Lawrence County, OH. We typically have 25-30 players on our roster. We are looking for a two year deal for the weekend of Sept 10th or 11th in 2021-22 season. Contact Rusty Webb at 740-533-7011. (10/21/20)
  • Trap Hill MS is requesting a two year contract, with THMS at home in 2020, away in 2021. Contact Shelley Daniel, AD at 304-237-2601.
  • Trinity HS (Washington, PA-4A) is looking for a football game on Oct. 8, 2021. We are willing to host or travel. Contact Ricci Rich at 724-223-2000 ext. 6514 (1/27/21)
  • University MS (Morgantown) is looking for a scrimmage the week of August 23-28. Willing to host or travel, please contact AD Philip Griffin at 304-692-5384 or email at [email protected] (1/20/21)
  • Ursuline HS, Youngstown, OH, is looking for a game for Ohio’s week 2 game. Contact John DeSantis at 330-744-4563 ext 121 or email [email protected] (12/22/20)
  • Wheeling Central Catholic is a small A school with usually around 30-35 players.  We are looking for games on the following dates: Week 8 (Oct 15th or 16th), Week 10 (Oct 29th or 30th), and Week 11 (Nov. 3rd or 4th) for the 2021 season. Contact Coach Kuchinski 304-218-1045 or email [email protected] or Coach Young at 304-312-9125 or email [email protected] (1/21/21)
  • Wheeling Park HS is in need of a Week 1 opponent (8/27/21). We would like to have a home game. Please contact Coach Daugherty at 304-215-2594 or email [email protected] (1/22/21)

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