How Do I Login To The Officials’ Management Page?


  1. Go to
  2. Go to Admin Login (Located in the left-hand corner of the homepage)
  3. In the Username section, enter in your Registration Number.  (Example AB0000)
  4. In the Password Section, enter in your password.  Passwords are case sensitive.

Officials’ Packets

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Fall – 2017 Winter – 2017-18 Spring – 2018
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Track Officials
 Sports Physical – MedExpress

Official’s Clinics / Camps

Umpire Clinic  Opportunity:
​The WVSSAC requires attendance of at least four local board meetings, rules clinic attendance, and registration payment to be eligible to umpire WVSSAC regular season and post season games. While local board meetings are opportunities to learn about rules, plays, and other situations, there are other opportunities available to further enhance umpire ability. No umpire camp/clinic outside of the aforementioned ones are required to umpire either regular or postseason games. However, umpires are more than welcome to extend their experience and expertise by attending additional camps or clinics.
One such opportunity is the Elite Umpire Clinic. This clinic will take place on Saturday, February 24th Sunday, May 6th from 10:00 am – 3:00 pm, and is put on by Ron Whiting. Ron can be reached at (304)-777-0771, or at [email protected], for more details.

The ELITE 18 Clinic will be held on Sunday, 2/25/18 in Morgantown at Pro and Mon County Ballpark.

2018 Football Clinics



Tools and Info

Secretary Board Webpages

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NOTE:  All Officials Registration Due June 15th

Officials Handbook

Chuck Leach
The Official Call
[email protected]

Officials Advisory Committee

  • Harold Erwin, Athletic Director
  • Karen Miller, PikeView HS
  • Karen King, NR-SB
  • Richard Messenger, AT-TK
  • Richard Summers, Jackson MS
  • Jeremy Callen, KS-WR
  • Steve Gandee, MV-BSK
  • Michael Webb. OW-FB
  • Dennis Brumfield, KS-SO
  • Charles Linch, OH-WV-BA
  • Jay Carter, OH-WV-BSK
  • Scott Wilson, NC-SWM
  • Pat Gross, Cheer Clinician
  • Pegi Bannan, WV-OH-VB
  • Sharon Hayes, KS-BSK
  • Bernie Dolan, WVSSAC Office


If you are a first year official or a new official, you MUST submit a physical, registration form and payment to your local board training class instructor.

DO NOT MAIL these items to this office!

If you are a first year official or a new official to a sport, you MUST complete a Local Board Training Class!!!

Just sending in a registration and paying the registration fee does not make you a registered official. Please refer to the Officials’ Handbook. In the Officials’ Handbook, go to pages 10 and 11 “How to Become an Official”. Or you can click on “How to Become an Official”.