Open Dates Volleyball

  • East Fairmont HS is looking for one opponent to make varsity tri-match on the following dates: 9/13 and 9/14/21. Contact James Beckman at 304-367-2141. (6/1/21)
  • Morgantown HS is looking for JV and Varsity teams for a Tri or Quad match on Saturday, October 9 or Saturday, October 23. Contact Erica Manor at [email protected] (4/23/21)
  • Oak Glen HS is looking for one more JV and Varsity team for a quad match on Saturday, Sept. 4, 2021. Contact Morgan Poling at 304-670-7646. (05/26/21)
  • Petersburg HS is looking to get as many matches as possible for 2021-22 season scheduled within their region. Contact Amber Layton at 304-216-8323. (6/10/21)
  • Philip Barbour HS is looking to fill two open dates. Looking for a tri or a quad for JV and Varsity (Sept. 20-29). Contact Heather Halfin at 304-614-2528 or email [email protected] (4/23/21)
  • Wheeling Park HS is looking for a freshman/JV/Varsity dual or tri any of the following dates: Oct. 18, 19, 20, or 21. Contact Samantha Gentle at 909-262-1414. (5/5/21)

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