Open Dates Volleyball

  • Doddridge County HS is looking for another team to play a jv and a varsity tri with Point Pleasant and Doddridge on Sept. 6, 2022. Also, need teams to fill the Bulldog Bash Tournament being held on September 3, 2022.  Contact Gregory Bonnell at 304-377-6700. (5/31/22)
  • River View HS is looking for an 8th team for our tournament on Sept. 10th. Call Dwayne Clark at 304-967-7480 or email [email protected] (5/31/22)
  • Shady Spring HS is looking for two play dates at Shady. We could do a tri or quad. The Sept. 26, 28,29, or Oct. 3rd -7th. We are willing to travel if we have to. Contact Kelly Williams at 304-573-2007. (6/27/22)

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