Basketball (G)

  • Cabell Midland HS is looking for 5 games this upcoming season. Please contact Matt Adkins at 304-638-9520 or email [email protected] (9/30/20)
  • Hedgesville HS is in need of 5 games this season.  Looking for a Holiday Tournament in December relatively close unless able to help with travel and to pick up some regular season games.  Contact Aaron Whitford at 304-754-7551.
  • Huntington HS is looking for 2 games on any open dates in 2020-21. Contact Lonnie Lucas at 304-840-1975 or email [email protected] (10/19/20)
  • Martin County HS is in need of games and a tournament for Nov-Jan. Contact Robin Newsome at 606-534-0765. (10/1/20)
  • Martinsburg HS is in search of basketball games for the 2020-21 season. Please contact Davis Moore at 304-267-3537 or email [email protected]
  • Princeton Senior HS has lost several games due to not being able to play VA schools. Please reach out to Coach Matt Smith at 304-922-4926 or email [email protected] (10/5/20)
  • Reedsville Eastern HS is looking for a couple home games for the 2020-21 season. Would be willing to do a 2-year contract. Contact Joshua Fogle at 740-590-0483.
  • St. Mary’s HS is needing one girls team for their annual SMHS Invite. They will play Jan. 15-16, 2021. The team that comes will play Cameron on Friday, then either Ravenswood or St. Mary’s on Saturday. Contact Howard Meeks at 304-299-0517.
  • Washington HS is looking for regular season games and a Holiday Tournament for the upcoming season. We are located in Charles Town, WV. Contact Jason Smith at 240-626-4570. (10/22/20)

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