Basketball (G)

  • Cabell Midland HS is in need of 1 more game for this 2022-23 season and it really needs to be a home game. Please contact Assistant Coach Woomer at [email protected] or 304-521-7960. (6/27/22)
  • Huntington Middle School, is in need of a scrimmage game for our girls basketball team, week of November 21 or 28.  Contact Jason Bankston. (11/14/22)
  • Magnolia High School is looking for a 2nd Girls Basketball Scrimmage, November 19, Will travel if needed.  Contact Mark Blair, 304.815.4592.  (11/14/22)
  • Martin County High School is in need of home and away games for girls basketball. Please contact Robin Newsome, 606-534-0765 (9/21/22)
  • Nitro HS is in need of 1 game preferably home. We currently have 8 home game and 13 away. Can play at your place next season. Contact Pat Jones at 304-941-4460. (8/2/22)
  • South Charleston is in need of 5 more games.  Really need a least 4 out of those 5 games to be home games to balance out our schedule.  Please contact Karley Walker at 304-546-1331.
  • Tridelphia MS is looking for Middle School Girls JV Team (6th and 7th graders) to play our JV Team at 11:00 am on 12.3.2022 at Triadelphia MS.  Contact Dave Stahnke, 304.312.7245. (10/27/22)
  • Washington HS is looking for a game in February to make up for a game we lost in late December.  Contact [email protected], 304.279.9676  (1/4/23)
  • Webster County HS is in need of games for the 2022-23 season.  Contact Sharon Baird at [email protected] or, 304-226-5772 Ext. 1405.  (10/3/22)
  • Magnolia High School is looking for a 2nd Girls Basketball Scrimmage on November 19th. Will travel if needed. Please contact Mark Blair at: 304-815-4592.(11/14/22)
  • Braxton County High School is looking for 1 team to fill a tournament December 28-29 at the Braxton County Armory. If interested please contact Nate Smarr at 304-651-7790.(11/28/22)

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