Coach Regulations

WVSSAC Rule 127-3-6

§127-3-6. Coaches.

6.1. A member of a school faculty, substitute teacher or student teacher, with or without West Virginia Department of Education Authorized Certification, within a public, private, or parochial school system shall be allowed to coach an athletic team. Also, an authorized certified individual may coach if he meets all of the requirements in subsection 6.4 of this rule.

6.2. A substitute teacher is defined as a person who has met the licensure requirements as specified by the West Virginia Board of Education and has been approved as a substitute teacher of that county board of education, private, or parochial school.

6.3. A college student fulfilling teacher training responsibilities as a student teacher may be assigned certain coaching responsibilities during that period of training. This assignment will be administratively consistent with said student teacher’s role in the classroom and shall be approved by the county board of education or the governing board of a private or parochial school. Said student teacher will work directly under the supervision of the appointed coach or assistant coach.

6.4. An authorized certified coach must meet the following requirements:

6.4.a. The coach is employed under a contract with a county board of education which specifies a rate of pay equivalent to the rate for professional educators who accept similar duties as extra duty assignments and which provided for liability insurance associated with the activity.

6.4.b. The coach has successfully completed approved training: Sport Science, Sport First Aid, and WV Component (14 hours of instruction and test) and has received West Virginia Department of Education Authorization.

6.4.c. Coaching authorizations are for one year.

6.5. The head coach shall be required to attend any sports rules clinic in the coaching assignment which is sponsored by this Commission. Schools failing to have a head coaching position filled at the time of the clinic will be required to have a school representative present at the rules clinic.

6.6. All coaches and athletic directors of member schools who upon retirement from a member school with at least 20 years of service either as a coach, athletic director or combination of coaching and athletic director shall receive a lifetime WVSSAC Courtesy and Identification Card. This card shall allow admittance to any WVSSAC sponsored event. This admittance will be by presentation of the WVSSAC Courtesy and Identification Card and photo identification.