Camps / Out-of-Season Coaching

127-3-7 Camps/Out-of-Season Coaching.


Students should have the opportunity to engage voluntarily in school sponsored sports activities provided that the student is eligible, that such activities do not interfere with the students’ educational development and the activities do not conflict with the principles of wholesome amateur athletics. The WVSSAC wishes to enhance that opportunity while at the same time discouraging the exploitation of student athletes by overzealous individuals and organizations who attempt to impose an obligation or pressure on the student-athlete. There has been growing evidence of commercialism and specialization of secondary school athletes. Experience has revealed that such occurrences tend to divide the allegiance of students, undermine their respect for coaches and officials, and encourage the type of adulation which gives students an exaggerated sense of importance of their own athletic prowess. Rather, athletic participation should be used for the pleasure and satisfaction that is derived from athletic competition in a variety of experiences.

  • 7.1 School-organized out-of-season practice or school-organized summer camps shall not be permitted.
  • 7.2 A coach or surrogate may not be present as an observer, lecture participant, staff member, or in any capacity at any summer camp where the number of his athletes (students who would be under his supervision the next season in that sport) exceeds fifty percent of the number of persons designated as the starting line-up or cheerleading squad (i.e. basketball – two or less; football – five or less; wrestling – six or less; baseball – four or less; etc.). Nor may a school or related organization be involved in fund raising projects to subsidize student attendance at or in camps.
  • 7.3 A coach or surrogate shall not work with individuals in any form of drills or practice of his coaching assignment except during those dates specified as the season for that specific sport.
  • 7.4 Students throughout the school year who are not participating in a school’s athletic program may voluntarily participate in an off season conditioning program. This program may also occur during the summer subject to Board of Education approval and the following provisions:
    • (a) Participation in the program must be open to all students enrolled in school.
    • (b) Participation is voluntary and is not required directly or indirectly for membership on a school squad.
    • (c) Participants will provide their own clothing (sweatsuit, shoes, etc.).
    • (d)Activities will be limited to running, weight training, and stretching exercises. Agility drills that do not involve specific skills of a given sport are permitted.
    • (e)Specific equipment pertaining to a given sport may not be used. This includes such items as footballs, basketballs, volleyballs, wrestling mats, discus, etc.
    • (f)In those cases where schools schedule all athletes into the last period of the school day, the guidelines in items (c), (d), and (e) shall apply unless the class is considered a part of the physical education program and credit is given. There shall be no teaching of sport specific skills taught in this case unless those same skills and course of study are taught in all physical education classes at this same time of the school year.
    • (g) The Board of Education may choose to compensate the supervisor or director.
  • 7.5 Coaches may not promote, initiate, organize, supervise, or participate in out-of-season events involving athletes of the same sport as their coaching assignment. An exception to the above is where the Board of Education would approve a coach to organize and/or supervise a recreation program for youth. However, this type assignment must be recreational in nature, include a variety of activities, and comprise no coaching or instruction of that same sport as his school coaching assignment. In addition to the above, gymnasiums or facilities opened for recreational activities must use the following guidelines:
    • (a) The gymnasium or field is open to all students for participation
    • (b) A variety of activities is available to students and is not limited to one sport or activity on a given day.
    • (c) Supervisor or director must be approved by the Board of Education.
    • (d) There is no coaching or instruction in the skills and technique in any sport.
    • (e) Comparable opportunities are provided both sexes.
    • (f) Participation is voluntary and is not required directly or indirectly for membership on a school squad. The school administration assumes the responsibility for making certain that there is adherence to these guidelines.
  • 7.6 Coaches may participate in a formal development program of the U.S. Olympic Committee (USOC) involving athletes of the same sport as their coaching assignments. The formal development program must be under the official guidance of the USOC through the National Governing Body (NGB) of the sport. The NGB must assure in writing to the WVSSAC that coaches will receive formal orientation and that strict supervision and monitoring of coaches will ensure that no recruitment or inappropriate influence will be exerted on players.