Graded Music List

Graded Music List

The Graded Music List (GML) is composed of works consider to be quality educational band literature suitable for performance at region band festivals to evaluate West Virginia band programs. The GML has over 5000 entries added over many, many years to select from when choosing a band work to play at festival. There are several sources that you may consult to find excellent literature for festival use. Stanton’s has pieces categorized as concert band performance literature and Ohio Adjudicated Large Group List”. Another great place to find music is J.W. They use the term concert and contest for festival literature.  The pieces marked “editor’s choice” or “basic library” are usually excellent choices. Pepper is a great resource to listen to music before you select it for contest. There are several other state music lists on Pepper’s site to help you select literature. “Teaching Music through Performance” (GIA Music) books are another source for an excellent reference the article can help develop rehearsals and the recording are resource for you and your students..

This list is the only official.

To view the entire list online, click here:  Graded Music List 2015-16  

Submissions to WVBA Graded Music List

Submissions to this list must be made no later than FEBRUARY 15 (postmarked) of the current school year. Please include an original score and a submission form to make certain that you submit complete information regarding title, composer, arranger, and publisher of the piece to be considered and the name, address, phone number and email address of the person submitting the piece. Pieces submitted without the form can not be added to the list. Copies of the score will be only accepted with permission by the publisher. No electronic submission will be accepted. If you are unsure about a piece, send it in BEFORE you spend a lot of time working on the piece with your band.


General guidelines for placement on the GML:
To be placed on the list, music should possess excellent construction, as well as providing opportunities for students to demonstrate musical and technical playing. Quality music should be able to “stand the test of time.” Therefore music that has been published within the pervious school year will be examined closely, and may be asked to be resubmitted at a later time. Additional qualities that are required for the GML will be music that possesses educational tools to advance the education of our students. This list is not only to promote quality band literature but more importantly to educate our students.

The merit of the work will be evaluated on its rhythmic variety, melodic construction, harmonic content, logic and inspiration qualities, genuine originality, and craftsmanship.

Other factors to be considered when submitting are:
Is it constructed logical for the proposes of adequately giving a band the proper rating?
Is there another work on the list that is similar to the work being submitted?
Does the work support WVDE NxG/CSO?
Is the work to short or too long in relationship to the technical difficulty?

Please do not submit the following:
Marches – Please use marches for your warm-up selection.
“Pop” or Movie Arrangements/Transcriptions
Orchestra Transcriptions that are poor quality or that are not suited for bands.

Directors or publishers who wish to add new pieces to this list may send full scores to:

James Southern
Martinsburg High School
701 S. Queen Street
Martinsburg, WV 25404
(304) 267-3538