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127-3-30. Volleyball (Girls).

30.1. Rules: Volleyball rules published by the National Federation of State High School Associations are the official rules for all interscholastic competition unless otherwise provided by Commission modification.

30.2. Organized Team Practice: Organized team practice will begin on Monday of Week 7 and the first contest may be played on Wednesday of Week 9.

30.3. Length of Season: The volleyball season will end for each team by WVSSAC tournament elimination.

30.4. Maximum Team Contest: A volleyball team will be permitted no more than 23 playing dates if participating in a conference tournament; otherwise the regular season will be 22 playing dates exclusive of sectional, regional, and state contests. The conference tournament is to count as one (1) playing date.

30.4.1. Dual, triangular and quadrangular matches count as one date. Matches in which five or more schools participate count as two dates.

30.5. In dual competition, a student may participate in a maximum of three (3) games against the same opponent if a match is 2 of 3 games and five (5) games if the varsity match is 3 of 5 games.

30.6. Scrimmages: Two volleyball scrimmages with another high school may be conducted. See Glossary.

30.7. Individual students of a team must have practiced on 14 SEPARATE days, exclusive of the day of a contest, before participating in an interscholastic contest.

30.8. A student may not play or practice on a non-school volleyball team while a member of the school team.

30.9. A student may accept awards only in WVSSAC sanctioned events during the season of that sport. These awards must be consistent with the items specified in the Awards Rule. Students may accept only this same type of award in non-sanctioned events outside the sport season.

30.10. Junior High Schools - The above will apply for junior high schools with the following adaptations:

30.10.1. Junior high teams will be permitted 16 matches.

30.10.2. Organized team practice will begin on Monday of Week 8 and the first contest may be played on Wednesday of Week 10.

30.10.3. Junior high season will be completed by Saturday of Week 17.

30.10.4. Junior high teams are permitted one (1) scrimmage. See Glossary.




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