Open Dates Volleyball

  • Belington Middle School is hosting 3rd annual Bumpfest for grades 6-8 at Philip Barbour HS on October 20, 2018 and are looking for 10 teams.  Contact Coach Sarah Harris at 304-614-7479.
  • Bridgeport HS is looking for JV matches for the week of October 22, 2018.  Also looking for one more varsity match the same week.  Contact Ali Burton at 304-667-1876.
  • Buckhannon Upshur HS is hosting our 2nd Annual “Spooktacular” Tournament for JV and V high school teams. We would like to have 10 teams for JV and 15 teams for V. We are looking for 3 teams for JV and 5-6 teams for V. Contact Sheena Westfall at 732-598-3857 or email [email protected]
  • Calhoun County Middle/High School needs some matches in September 2018.  Prefer a home and an away.  Contact Jeremy Johnson at 304-543-0298.
  • Capital HS will be hosting annual Capital Classics Tournaments on October 12th – JV and October 13th – Varsity for 2018. Looking to have at least 10-12 teams for JV and at least 7-8 teams for varsity.  Contact Pasadeanna Aukusitino at 304-951-3242
  • Doddridge County HS needs a scrimmage home or away on 8/27, 28 or 29, 2018.  Contact Gregory Bonnell at 304-873-2521 ext. 3.
  • East Fairmont HS is looking for 7 teams to play in our Summer Block Party Tournament June 30, 2018.  It will be held on the last day of the three live period.  Varsity only.  It will be held at East Fairmont HS.  Contact Diane Watson at 304-612-2910.
  • Nitro HS is looking to join a JV tournament on any of the following dates: 9/14; 9/21; 9/22; or 9/28/18.  Contact Anna Atkinson at 304-356-7775.
  • Oak Glen HS is in need of a game for the 2018 season.  Can travel if you can fit them in to a tri or quad.  Contact Ethel Riser at 304-387-2063.
  • Philip Barbour HS has 11 teams and would like to have at least 1 more for a 12 team September Showdown Volleyball Tournament on September 8, 2018.  Would like a non-Big Ten school (in order to face some different competition).  Contact Heather Halfin at 304-614-2528.
  • Riverview HS is looking for teams to complete a 10 team varsity tourney on 9/15/18.  Contact Carson Hale at 304-875-4580 or 304-967-7450 or email [email protected]
  • South Harrison HS is looking for home and away games for the 2018-19 season.  Contact Danielle Fenstermacher at 304-326-7463.
  • Valley (F) HS needs a few games to fill schedule.  Looking for away game for October 8, 2018 and a home game for October 16, 2018.  Contact Angelia Thompson at 304-550-7957 (home/evenings) or 304-442-7213 (work/days).
  • Van Middle School is in need of games in September and October, 2018.  Contact Amy Belcher at 304-245-1037.
  • Wesley Christian HS (KY) needs games to fill the schedule for August – October 2018 season.  Small christian school close to WV border.  Dates open and are willing to join up for some tri-matches and or tournaments.  Contact Dave Meddings at 304-308-2167.
  • Woodrow Wilson HS is looking to host a Volleyball Tournament for the Friends of Coal to raise money for their scholarship money. It will be a tournament for middle school, and high school. Would like to have official refs for this event. Checking to see what costs would be for this event. Contact Brent Mitchell at 304-578-7400.

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