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Junior High Schools


20.9. Junior High Schools - The above rules will apply for Junior High Schools with the following adaptations:

20.9.1. Girls may begin practice on Monday of Week 19 and boys on Monday of Week 20. The first contest for girls will be played on Wednesday of Week 21 and Wednesday of Week 22 for boys.

20.9.2. The girls basketball season will end on Saturday of Week 33 and Saturday of Week 34 for boys.

20.9.3. Tournament play on the state level shall be prohibited.

20.9.4. Boys and girls basketball teams will be permitted to play no more than 20 games. Tournament exception does not apply.

20.9.5. All junior high students may play a maximum of 80 quarters for one season.

20.9.6. All junior high students may play a maximum of 4 quarters per day.

20.9.7. Games involving only students below the 9th grade shall be played in 6-minute quarters. A member school sponsoring games involving teams which combine 9th grade students with students in the 8th and/or 7th grades may play those games in quarters of 8 minutes.

20.9.8. Junior highs are not permitted to play an alumni game.

20.9.9. Scrimmages: Junior high teams are permitted one (1) scrimmage. See Glossary.

20.9.10. A ninth grade team in a high school program will follow the rules provided for junior high schools.




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